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Work From Home Life Hacks

As a work-from-home mom, I was in need of some work from home life hacks in 2018. I felt like I was rushing from one thing to the next, tasks only half done, being a horrible example to my kids, and feeling lacking to my clients. Do you feel like that? Here are some of my work from home life hacks for your personal and business life. Please let me know if you have another hack I should incorporate.

CRM/ Automation- Work From Home Life Hack Numero Uno

Stepping back a few years, I implemented a CRM- “client relationship management” software. In my world, I use online software to send emails (keeping them organized forever by client), manage contracts, invoices, and “workflows”– also known as repeatable to-do lists.

Comparing the business person I am today with the pre-2013 one, I have no idea why people hired me. My CRM is $13 dollars a month, and I thought I could mail paper contracts, take checks to the bank, and generally “bootstrap” my business to save $13/ month.

I was tripping over dollars to pick up pennies.

There are a variety of services out there. I use 17hats and Quickbooks Online. I don’t have a company preference. JUST GET ONE. Others include, Honeybook, Tave, Dubsdo, and lots more.

Managing the Domicile- Work from Home Life Hacks

I will begin this section by letting you know I do NOT like anything “domestic.” I don’t like cleaning. I do not like cooking. I do not like organizing. Managing the domicile “stuff,” however, keeps it from tackling me from behind when I want to go-go-go.

First step: simplify clothes. My kids want the creature socks or the socks with super heroes on them. Life’s a bitch, kids.

They can play with stuffed animals or super heroes, but I’m not opening the dryer only to have a confetti of sock sprinkles to sort.

My kids are 9, 4 and 1. The amount of socks they generate is crazy. I literally have a storage bin full of unmatched socks.


Now, the kids all get white, crew-length socks from Old Navy (here). The socks say the size on the bottom in silicon, giving traction on our wood floors…. and all match. Boom! Mind blown.

… well, I probably have one size 3-8, one 4-5 t, and one 2-3 t sock each. Never two.

Next on the clothes front is setting out clothes on Sunday for the week. This ensures the ballet tights are not holding conference under a bed, there are enough jeans, etc. Plus, it means that I have outfits planned for me instead of living 24-7 in workout clothes.

I special ordered these hangers above from the linked account– which are great for adult clothes. For the kids, I just use their regular hangers. The entire outfit goes on one hanger. Clothes for the evening activities go on a hanger behind the day’s outfit– everything: shorts, soccer socks, jersey, etc.

Next, I have to figure out dinner. I’m a snacker, so it’s not in my nature to prep a meal. Warm, complete meals are very important to my husband, and admittedly, they are what we should be providing to our kids. So, we need to figure this thing out.

My husband goes to school after work, so cooking’s left to me. To make this easier, I picked up a cookbook with a weekly shopping list, twice a week meal prep to-dos, and recipes.

I got Clean Simple Eats’ cookbook, but jury’s still out on it. If it were just the kids and me, it would be my go-to. My husband complains about the food on the daily. He wants pasta, highly fat pasta sauce, sausage, rice, etc. Clean Simple Eats is about using non-processed foods, low glycemic foods, macro-based, and with lots of veggies.

I might try another, similar book. The key, however, is to BUY someone else’s meal plans and shopping list. Just get it over with so you can focus on killing it elsewhere.

On the food front, the next recommendation is food delivery or food pickup service. I take the shopping list from Clean Simple Eats and input it in my food pickup ap. There are a ton out there- Instacart, Weis 2 Go, and Walmart are some of the big ones.

I’m stalking the Instacart ap eagerly waiting for the day they deliver to my address. Until then, I use the Walmart ap. I pull into a parking stall and someone drops the bags in the back– in-and-out in 5-10 minutes while the kids never have to leave the car.

Daycare and Working Out- Work from Home Life Hacks

Surprisingly, this hack makes sense. Give me a sec.

First, multitasking is a farce. You think that you can do two things at once? I just tried to pay a $2300 bill, and added an extra “1,” overdrawing the account by $20k.


Do two things at once. See how productive that is. Your time saving measure might take an hour of phone calls and 3 business days.

Instead, focus hard and deep. To do that while working from home, you need daycare. I get it, it can feel expensive! I paid $1900/ month for one kid in daycare in Reston…. now with 3??

Stay with me here.

Next, you need to work out. Run, pump, swim, whatev for at least 30 minutes. After working out, my productivity is 2-3 times what it is without working out.

Again, but how?

The Y. Yep, that place with all the old men and women. It has fast internet, an awesome gym, classes, and DAYCARE. … and the angels sing! Our YMCA is $97 for the family, including 2 hours of daycare. WHAT?! Two hours of daycare for three kids is $100 for ONE date night… but at the Y it’s the gym membership, and two hours everyday.

Your Work from Home Life Hacks?

Okay, I’ve shared some of my best work from home life hacks, now it’s your turn. What do I need to implement to make this work- life balance thing easier?

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