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What to Wear for Fall 2019 Photography Sessions Girl

During the fall, I shoot a LOT of family and engagement sessions. It’s also the busiest time of year for weddings the the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, so I am posting a few what-to-wear options in the coming weeks. This one- what to wear for fall photography sessions- girl.

This fall, I’m hosting mini sessions. Mini sessions are the best option if you are looking for family photos or a second engagement session. They are only 20 minutes, about $200, and shot back-to-back with other mini sessions. I will host mini sessions in late September/ early October and will probably only have time for 3 full-length (90 minute) sessions.

If you’re interested in mini sessions, sign up for my newsletter here or shoot me an email, and I’ll put you on the newsletter list.

Okay, on to the fun stuff– shopping! For my daughters, my go-to sources for photo session clothes are Zara, H&M and Etsy.

Below are a few outfits I popped together. Something to note: my style is a bit European, editorial, full of neutral clothes colors, and classic. I buy tailored-looking clothes and often need to be ironed. Some people prefer leggings and t-shirts with a saying on it, and that’s fine. There is a time and place for everything! Below are options for silly parents like me.

Last thing to note, I don’t earn commission on these items- just items I love!

Neutral Look- What to wear for fall 2019 photography sessions girl

H&M is a go-to for my photo session wear. They have a “conscious” line that is my favorite. The conscious line is full of knits, basic colors, wood-looking buttons, etc. A very high-end look. I just added these items to my cart!

H&M carries much more of their great under-five wear online. I recommending ordering online.

Peter Pan Top: here

Romper Skirt: here

Knit tights: here

Leather clip bows: here

Goose Blanket: here

Suede shoes: here

Dressy Look- What to wear for fall 2019 photography sessions girl

Most people don’t opt for a “dressy” look, but I love it! Last year, we did an elegant shoot– my husband in a tux and me in a gown, for our family shoot. It was a complete hit for our Christmas cards!

If you’re thinking about a similar shoot, Zara is a great shopping stop!

Wool coat: here

Gold headband: here

Tulle dress: here

Shoes: here

Rustic- What to wear for fall 2019 photography sessions girl

If you’re shooting in log grasses, kids can we really weirded out by the feeling of nature in their toes. Designing outfits around rain boots or Chelsea boots is an easy solution!

Headband: here

Dress: here

Chelsea boots: here

Rain boots: here

So, what did you think? Which was your favorite outfit?

For more family sessions, see here. To be notified about mini sessions, sign up for the newsletter here.

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