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What to Wear- Fall 2019 Woman

Worried about what to wear to your fall 2019 engagement or family session? Are you a woman? Well, today is your lucky day! See below for inspiration and links.

Just to let you know, many people put together these posts to earn a little commission. I shoooouuuld, but I didn’t. I earn no commission when you purchase from these links. I just want to offer clothing suggestions.

Long Grasses:

Up first is what to wear if you are shooting in my favorite– long glasses and at sunset.

I love this outfit for a few reasons. First, long grasses are tans/ yellows. Blue is the opposite of yellow and a perfect complement to long grasses. This flowy dress would be beautiful in a fall wind.

The cut of the dress is perfect for a pendent necklace. This pendent is on my Christmas wishlist and would be a great complement to this dress.

Finally, if you are shooting in long grasses, booties are chic and an awesome way to protect your toes from ticks, pokies, and being stepped on by your hubby. I’ll admit I bought these booties, and they are my absolute favorite! When you see me IRL, I will probably be wearing these.

Comfy and Causal:

Yes, the same booties are here as my suggestion for shooting in a dress in long grasses. I’m telling you, I have them on repeat because they are so-so cute! Here’s the link.

A comfy sweater is a must, and a light neutral perfect when shooting against wooded greens, fall oranges, and tan grasses. Its simplicity pops against the busy background. Here’s a link to this Free People one.

Lightly distressed jeans are awesome for a comfy and cozy look in fall photos. I haven’t tried these jeans, but they are super cute. Here’s a link.

Then for the accessories! People look so great in hats, and as long as you don’t keep it on for too long, it can give you more variety in your images. Here’s this one for under $20!

A great pair of fringe earrings to shee-shee up the basic outfit. Here’s the link.

Then a Pendleton blanket to sit on or wrap around you. Very boho. Here’s the link.


If you are shooting in a neutral location- think long grasses, marble columns, etc. emerald green is a favorite!

This off the shoulder smolder would be amazing in long grasses or cotton fields— yum! Cotton fields!

You could pair your partner in anything from a tux or a lumber-sexy number and be a stunner.

I’m very Coco Chanel in my fashion. If I have a slit, then I will be more muted elsewhere, for example. So, I paired this off the shoulder number with nude block heels (here) and no necklace or bracelet. Instead, popping a little earlobe sparkle for those close shots. (Here)

With the earrings, I’d wear my hair down. If I wanted a chignon, I’d go for something more simple in the earring department.

Your turn:

Okay, so it is your turn. Which is your favorite outfit? If you have something awesome to wear for your fall 2019 photos, leave it in the comments so that everyone can check it out!

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