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What to do after a wedding expo? Manage the chaos.

If you’re anything like me, after attending my first expo, I was exhausted. The great vendors merged with the good ones, and then even with the horrible ones.  I went from excited to plan my day to feeling stalked and saled—if there were such a word.

The next day I looked at my bag of pamphlets and swag with a little overwhelm and dread.  To push through the overwhelm, here are some easy steps to turn your dread back into even more excitement for your day than you felt walking into the wedding expo.


Step One: Spread all that swag out over your living room floor.  Throw away thing that isn’t information about vendors.  Lollipops? Hair ties? Old bottles of water?  Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.

Step Two: Organize the pamphlets by vendor category.  Photographers in one pile, florists in another, etc.  If there were certain types of vendors that aren’t of interest to you (I’m looking at you, Mary Kay, banks and realtors), feel free to move those to the trash bin as well.  Finally, throw away pamphlets that don’t appear professional or are from vendors you remember not making the cut.

Your “stuff” is now a half or a third of what it was to start.  Can you feel the overwhelm lifting?  Now the process can be so much more fun.

I created a diagnostic sheet to help you on the next steps.  You can click here to get it.

Step three: Select your top three in each category.  This may be hard with your first vendor category.  It may be hard to let number 4, 5, and 6 go.  Don’t worry, however, you can keep them in the swag bag in case your first top 3 don’t pan out.  I also included some of my own recommendations in the download to organize vendors.  That link is here again.

Step four: Using this comparison sheet, write the vendor name, medium price, what the medium price includes, any pro you can remember of that vendor, and any con you can remember of the vendor.  Just one pro and con.  This sheet is just to create a basic profile of the vendor.

Step five: reach out to your favorite vendors and follow them on Instagram.  The best vendors are often swamped after an expo, especially for top dates, so it’s best to follow up with them before they are booked.


I hope this was helpful!  The wedding planning process can be stressful, but so exciting.  Oh, and that download is here again!


Enjoy the journey.

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