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5 Tips to get the Best Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago, I walked into Sarah’s hotel suite and was blown away. For a year-and-a-half, we spoke about how to make her wedding day relaxed, easy and photo perfect. Every tip, trick and tool I gave her to make her day a breeze was beautifully staged in a sunlit corner of her room.  Easy- breezy.

Here are the same five tips to get the best wedding photography.

Packing a custom hanger so that your photographer doesn't have to use a ugly plastic one is one of my 5 Tips to get the Best Wedding Photography. Click the link for the other 4! Images by Jalapeno Photography.1.  Beautiful hanger

When I unzip the wedding dress travel bag, it’s always an exciting moment. Strapless, illusion, lace, boho? What never surprises is the u-l-g-y hanger. Wedding dresses travel on what could be a stock, clear plastic hanger from the Dress Barn. Don’t let your huge investment be photographed on a Dress Barn hanger!

Packing a wood hanger is great option– just make sure it has notches on the shoulders so the dress hanger straps can support your dress properly.

Here’s a favorite from calligrapher Poppy and Scooter.

2.  Crochet hook

After I finish photographing the details and bridal preparation, it’s time to get the bride in her dress! Everyone gets a little emotional, nervous and glittery. Nerves and/ or an inability to see without glasses or the ability to manipulate small objects can inhibit mom from being able to button the beautiful back of a bride’s dress.  Bummer, right?

Solution? Crochet hook. This little doohickey quickly and easily pulls the little elastic bands over the beautiful wedding dress buttons. Here is a good one, larger and pretty for pictures.
A special veil pinning technic is one of my 5 Tips to get the Best Wedding Photography. Click the link for the other 4! Images by Jalapeno Photography.

3.  Bobby pins for your veil

A hair dresser taught me this trick!  After putting in your veil, have your hair dresser secure the veil by inserting bobby pins perpendicular to the comb, securing the comb to your hair. Without the bobby pins, veils always come out. Pinning it secures it for hours!

… Just remember to pull the pins before removing the veil for your reception!

4.   Heel stops

These are magic! Whether you plan a garden ceremony, photos in the grass or plan to walk on historic streets, these heel stops are a life saver! Their martini-glass style allows you to float over cobblestone streets (well more so!) and not sink backwards like a planted peony during your vows in the garden.

I highly recommend these (see here) because of their martini-glass shape. The non-martini shaped stoppers protect your Valentinos from dirt, but don’t prevent sinking or getting stuck in missing cobblestone mortar.

Don’t worry! I’ll remove the heel stops for pretty pictures of your pretty-pretty Badgleys!

Scheduling a engagement session is one of my 5 Tips to get the Best Wedding Photography. Click the link for the other 4! Images by Jalapeno Photography.5.  Engagement session

I promo an engagement session with EVERY wedding. Why? Because the wedding day isn’t a time to try out what might work. It isn’t a time to get to know one another. By the wedding, we are old friends and joke about your soon-to-be hubby’s Arnold impressions, and allow the day to unfold without taxing or distracting from what is happening. You on confident as I swirl around you.  You aren’t pressured or nervous about how you look or what to do because you know.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! I’m putting the finishing touches on my 2017 client magazine, full of 60-some pages of advice and styling tips just like this!

Have other tips to get the best wedding photography?  Check out the links?  Which are your favorite?

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