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Professional Mom Life Hacks

I smiled writing this title because after three kids, I’m juuuuust starting to figure this professional mom “thing” out. Some people seem to have being a professional mom down. I’m asked all time by new professional moms for mentorships or coffee to “pick my brain” about how I “do it all.” Sheesh! I don’t, am flattered some women think I do, and here are some of the hacks I have to make life run a little smoother.


I HATE laundry. I HATE cleaning. I HATE cooking. Anything I can do to mitigate these three evils allows me to get to the joyful things in life. Finalizing the laundry on Sunday night and hanging the outfits for the week is key to an easier week.

If you’re a mom, you know about life tackling you from behind. You need to get out the door for a meeting in 5 minutes, and the baby poops. You run to change the diaper, and tell your kids to put on their swimming suits for swimming practice and get in the car. You run to change the diaper and put the baby in the car, you run back in the house and see your son standing in boots, a shirt, and….. nothing else.


Turns out, he only has moldy-smelling swimsuits because he’s been storing them in the back of his closet because “they are his favorite.”


Now, what turned into leaving five minutes early is five minutes late with a child in the least-musty-smelling of the swimming suits.

Hold your nose, and set out the outfits on Sunday night. It helps up your style game, reduces morning decisions, and ensures clean swimming suits. I use the hangers pictured I had a designer engrave (see the store here). Here are some other day-of-the-week hangers I like- closet dividers (here), hangers available with the notch, pants bar and clips (here).

Meal Plan

First let me say, **I** don’t meal plan. In 2018, I wanted to create 4, weekly meal plans. Little did I know, there is an easier way.

I found Clean Simple Eats, done!

Tons smart nutritionists sell their meal plans online. Find a meal plan that works for you. I highly recommend finding one that includes a grocery list because of my next hack.

Again, I hate cooking. What I don’t like about it is all the prep. I have to have the right ingredients at home, incessantly think about “what’s for dinner” and spend so much of my life around cooking– at least that’s what it feels like. Buying a meal plan has freed me of what I don’t like about cooking. Now I’m starting to enjoy it!

Here is a link to Clean Simple Eats Instagram link that includes a free week plan.

Food Shopping

Outsource that shit. Oh, didn’t I say I hate food shopping? I hate that, too. Outsource it.

I take my shopping list from Clean Simple Eats and order food on the Walmart ap– yeah, I know. I’m not a fan of Walmart either, but it’s the only food delivery service available in my rural area. Still, I cannot complain about the service. I drive up, pop my trunk, they load it, and I drive away. I’ve only had problems with produce once, and they had me keep the squishy avocados and refunded me, no questions asked!

Here are some of the food delivery services:

  • Amazon Prime Now/ Whole Foods Market (here)
  • Instacart (here, use EBENITESLM167 for $10 off)
  • Walmart (use this link for $10 off your first order)

So those are some of my go-to professional mom hacks. These allow me to manage the tasks I don’t like about being a work from home mom, so I can do those activities I love and push my business forward. I’ll share more of my favorite mom hacks in the future so let me know what your go-to life hacks are?

Oh, and you can always follow the blog here. I’d love to have around.

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