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Herrington on the Bay Wedding- Katie and Mikko

Herrington on the Bay Wedding with Katie and Mikko. This wedding is with a plant-loving bride who GREW her own flowers, requested flower photos for her amazing Instagram account featuring house plant knowledge, and she cut the flowers so that flowers could be planted by guests– including the bridal party bouquets!

Katie and Mikko’s home-grown wedding was my first after coming back from my maternity leave– when my son was about six weeks old. Having a new son at home, the day brought on another dimension. Yes, there was love and beauty, but it was also the start of a life-long journey.

A Herrington on the Bay wedding was perfect for Katie and Mikko. It is on the Bay and full of natural greenery. Katie added her plants to the day seamlessly. Palm trees, the Bay breeze, and Katie’s tropical-inspired plants gave the feeling of a destination wedding while only being an hour from DC.

Both Katie and Mikko had quick smiles at their Herrington on the Bay wedding. The mood was infectious! The happy mood was only amped up when the music started. Mikko and Katie love dance music, and everyone was on the dance floor.

They ended the night with a glow-stick send-off. Glow sticks feel out of place at some weddings, but after listening to House and Trap music all night, glow sticks only continued the party into the street.

We all know sparkler send-offs. If you are having a wedding like a Herrington on the Bay wedding and need a non-sparkler option, I recommend checking out this Bride’s article on send-off options. Which send-off option is your favorite?

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