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Future Hubby Gift Ideas

It’s Thanksgiving which means it’s time to think about gifting.  If you are like many of my couples, you are sitting across the table from a handsome man, looking deeply into his eyes and thinking… yikes, I can’t give him a “boyfriend” gift!  He’s going to be my huuuuusband.  Let me give you a few future hubby gift ideas.

Future hubby gift ideas. Washington, DC newly engaged couples gift ideas. Gift ideas for your future hubby. Images by Jalapeno Photography.

** I do want to note that you should continue to date and have so-so-so much fun while in this engagement stage of your life!  These are a few “serious” suggestions.  If you want to “do fun,” do it!

1. A Camera
November is the month emails start to pour in asking for camera recommendations. My top picks:
Canon Rebel, perfect for your first “big girl/ big boy” camera and is not too expensive.  Any of the accessories you by buy for this camera can be used on the more expensive Canon cameras (like mine, here!)
FujiFilm X100T, a perfect, compact camera.  Even White House photographer Pete Souza uses this camera for his personal work.

2. Laptop/ Macbook Air
In front of you is a new life.  You’ll have bills, taxes, wedding contracts, maybe home building plans.  It’s time to upgrade that college laptop for a new model appropriate for your new family.  I LOVE MacBooks.  I use the MacBook Pro.  Its too much for just general household use.  I LOVE the MacBook Air for new couples.

3. A Drill
Nothing makes you feel more like an adult then owning a drill– you can hang curtains, change furniture knobs, and generally act as a #boss. Number 4 on my future hubby gift ideas is this drill kit.  It is everything you could need for generally fixing up the house.  18 volts has more strength than most intro drills.

Can you hear Tim Allen saying– “ooh-ohh-ooh, more power!”

Future hubby gift ideas. Gift ideas for your future hubby. Images by Jalapeno Photography.

My husband plowing the driveway after last year’s blizzard.

4. Christmas Cards

This is a little unusual and not necessarily a gift.  Getting photos and making your first Christmas card, however, is a great gift you can give to each other.  Frame one of the images and hang it in your home!

I love Minted for holiday cards and for easy and cheap framing.  (You can check them out here.)  They are also perfect for wedding invites and all of the matching paper products you would need for your wedding– programs, escort cards, table numbers, etc.

I just ordered my Christmas cards and client gifts– sooo excited!  I’ll sneak a preview on my IG stories– you can follow me here.

Okay, so there you have it!  Those are my future hubby gift ideas.  What do you think?  Planning something else?  Let me know!

Happy gifting:)

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