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Ceresville Wedding Photos | Eric and Matt Married

Before getting to the Ceresville wedding photos, let me share a little about Eric and Matt’s wedding ceremony at Grace United Church of Christ in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  After getting ready and their first look in downtown Frederick (you can see a blog post on that here), Matt and Eric waited for their ceremony to […]


Welcome Home Wednesdays | The Bathroom Remodel Prep

We recently signed a contract to begin our bathroom remodel!  While we have done a bunch of [expensive!] work that you can’t see– changing out nearly 49 windows, partial roof replacement, installing two heat and two AC units, adding and replacing doors to the basement, adding a structural support, etc… we are ready to start […]


Wow, you’re beautiful.

On Sunday, my husband watched the kids while I got a much needed day away.  One item on my “to do” list was going to Sephora to try on and hopefully take home my first lipstick, a fire engine red.  After running errands, I stopped by the mall restroom to make sure I didn’t have […]


Washington, D.C. Wedding Photographer | Merry Christmas!

I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend the weekend with my family.  Probably no camera in hand, just taking in the moments.  My family, I’m sure much like yours, continues to change so quickly.  I see my parents getting older, my husband changing, my daughter changing from a toddler to a kid, […]


My Christmas Wish List

Without a doubt, I am the pickiest, hardest person to shop for.  I know that.  Oh, my poor husband.  I **think** we walked through our current house about 43 times before putting in an offer.  I viewed about 100 homes before putting in an offer on my last home.  Additionally, recently I listened to The […]


Personal Post Fridays | My Fears

If you read my last Personal Post Friday on “A little better every day,” you may think my deepest fears are failure, competition, lack of recognition by my highly admired photography peers…. but my real fears are much, much worse. My deepest fears?  Horror movies and brooms.  Yes, folks.  Brooms. I used to love horror […]

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