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Cyber Monday Photography Deals


Cyber Monday Photography Deals

After posting about my annual family photo album I just sent to the printer on Instagram (my Instagram here!), I got so many photography questions. Since it’s Cyber Monday, I’ll share those recommendations here along with some stellar Cyber Monday photography deals. ** I do want to note that I’m sharing my favorites often via […]

Black Friday Maternity deals.


Black Friday Maternity Deals

I’m starting to show at 18 weeks, and it’s time to put the pre-pregnancy clothes aside for something less restrictive. As a forth-time mom, I thought I would share what I’m picking up– especially if you’re shopping for Black Friday maternity deals. ** I’m looking to diversify my income because wedding contracts nearly all moved […]

Christmas newborn photo in Washington, DC


Christmas Newborn Photos

Christmas is such an exciting time to have a newborn in the house. When Cristina reached out to me about shooting her sweet bundle of joy, I was over the moon. She purchased with perfect hat, the holly tree in her front yard was in berries (bloom?), and everything came together for the perfect Christmas […]

Frederick Bathroom Remodel materials list


Frederick Bathroom Remodel

We start our Frederick bathroom remodel next week- yes! We have 5 Frederick bathrooms to remodel- looking to add two more for a total of 7 when we are done- As a result, we’re tackling a small project this November. The powder bath remodel. Why We Purchased a Project If you’re newer around here, let […]

Work from home life hacks include days of the week hangers


Work From Home Life Hacks

As a work-from-home mom, I was in need of some work from home life hacks in 2018. I felt like I was rushing from one thing to the next, tasks only half done, being a horrible example to my kids, and feeling lacking to my clients. Do you feel like that? Here are some of […]


Professional Mom Life Hacks

I smiled writing this title because after three kids, I’m juuuuust starting to figure this professional mom “thing” out. Some people seem to have being a professional mom down. I’m asked all time by new professional moms for mentorships or coffee to “pick my brain” about how I “do it all.” Sheesh! I don’t, am […]

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