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The importance of play


The Importance of Play: Virginia Mini Session

Hellllooo. Heeeeeelllloo. Helllllllooooo. Yes, I’m still here! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I’m still kicking and shooting. I haven’t shared on the blog in a while, but this Virginia mini session has me thinking about the importance of play. Let me share my thoughts– which includes advice about capturing kids! First, I […]

Little S celebrated her first birthday with beautiful photos and cake smash. The photographer was Jalapeno Photography.


Washington DC Cake Smash Photos | Little S Turns One

Are you in Washington DC and looking for cake smash photos?!  Well, you’ve come to the right place for some inspiration.  Little S has the MOST stylish mama (always with the great shoes!), and amazing photo sessions.  We planned Little S’s Washington DC cake smash photos at my rustic estate just outside of Washington, DC. […]

Family Photography

Date Night | Washington, D.C. Wedding Photographer

After shooting my son for a full day of activities to celebrate his first birthday, my daughter (the older) wanted her own photoshoot.  Additionally, we haven’t had a date with just the two of us in roughly a year.  Her little brother always came along.  Thanksgiving, however, was a perfect time to leave little brother […]

Jalapeno Photography was this Washington, D.C. area photographer who specializes in newborns and weddings.

Family Photography

Baby A Turns One | Part 2

For part one of the birthday bash, Baby A went to a vintage, hipster barber shop for his first haircut with Grandpa, Dad and bowties.  If you missed it, you can catch that here. For part two, we had a cake smash.  A first birthday party wouldn’t be a birthday without a cake smash, right?! […]

Washington, D.C. newborn and wedding photographer captured this.

Family Photography

First Year Haircut | Washington, D.C. Newborn Photographer

I’m sure being the son, husband, father…. or family in general… of a photographer is hard.  I love to dress my kids up like we’re going to a photoshoot even when we’re headed out to shop.  So, for my son’s first birthday, my father, my husband, and my son all dressed up in white button […]

Jalapeno Photography was the wedding photographer at this Washington, D.C. wedding.

Family Photography

Why I’m a Photographer | Washington, D.C. Newborn and Wedding Photographer

I’m often asked, “Why are you a wedding photographer?”  And, to be honest with you, I haven’t had a good answer for that question, at least before this week. Last week and last weekend, lots of “stuff” happened that made me feel a little tug at my heart strings.  Here’s a quick synopsis: I watched […]

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