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Professional Mom Life Hacks

I smiled writing this title because after three kids, I’m juuuuust starting to figure this professional mom “thing” out. Some people seem to have being a professional mom down. I’m asked all time by new professional moms for mentorships or coffee to “pick my brain” about how I “do it all.” Sheesh! I don’t, am […]


Fantastic Beasts Birthday

For her 9th birthday, my oldest daughter wanted a Fantastic Beasts birthday party. Nifflers, magic, Harry Potter-eskness, and a movie watching party. Done, done and done. To be honest, life got in the way of birthday parties for my oldest in the last few years. Last year, a newborn and a car accident that totaled […]


Washington DC Newborn Photographer: Baby A

Washington DC newborn photographer Jalapeno Photography captures baby Amelia, perfect name for this pilot’s daughter.


Unicorn First Birthday in Washington DC

Planning a unicorn first birthday in Washington DC? Yay! I was too. I planned the perfect, at least for us, Unicorn First Birthday in Washington DC with a touch of floral accents. Keep reading for our daughter’s first haircut, unicorn-themed party, a cake smash, and so much fun. We started the day by taking Grandma […]


Washington DC Maternity Photos | Phoebe

Washington DC maternity photos encompass a special time and place in my couples’ lives.  Who knows how long they will live in this area, so whether its capturing the monuments in DC or the more rural areas in Virginia and Maryland, Washington DC maternity photos are a permit way to stop time, remember the place, […]


Washington DC Cake Smash Photos | Little S Turns One

Are you in Washington DC and looking for cake smash photos?!  Well, you’ve come to the right place for some inspiration.  Little S has the MOST stylish mama (always with the great shoes!), and amazing photo sessions.  We planned Little S’s Washington DC cake smash photos at my rustic estate just outside of Washington, DC. […]

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