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Black Friday Maternity Deals

I’m starting to show at 18 weeks, and it’s time to put the pre-pregnancy clothes aside for something less restrictive. As a forth-time mom, I thought I would share what I’m picking up– especially if you’re shopping for Black Friday maternity deals.

** I’m looking to diversify my income because wedding contracts nearly all moved to next year. As I can, I’ll add affiliate links which cost you nothing but give me a commission when you purchase. Here’s to a stronger 2021!**

First, let me give you a little background about my lifestyle. My kids have been in virtual school since March, and I work from home shooting weddings and cute newborns and maternity like these! My goal is comfortable, washable, and the ability to use as much post baby as possible. Let me share my athleisure Black Friday maternity deals with you. I pair these with some simple tops for my Zoom calls- deets on both below!

Black Friday Maternity Deals: Leggings

First, leggings. I can’t wear many of these post maternity, but they are easy to wear, wash, and live in. You need to decide if you want the waist band above or below your belly. I like mine above. My favorites:

Black Friday Maternity deals: Spanx leggings.

I have really wanted to try Blanqi leggings, and after being Instagram influenced, I purchased my first pair. The leggings come with mixed reviews depending in the style. I went with the Everyday leggings, which have amazing reviews and 50% off!

Black Friday Maternity Deals: Tops

Then tops. I like my tops to cover my bump, butt, and jiglets– if you know what I mean! Get yourself 5-10 of these maternity tank tops to wear under cardigans, and they’re also great post baby.

To be Zoom-call ready, I throw on tops like these below which pair easily with this blazer. (<– I ordered 2 sizes larger than my regular size because…. pregnancy.). It’s on sale for $36 and long enough to wear with leggings, so an easy purchase.

  • I love to pair a tunic-length top like this with a long cardigan like this. (<– 30% off and free shipping on the second one with code VICI30)

I like to have tops that open to tanks because my temperature can really change in pregnancy, and then it helps SO MUCH post pregnancy. There is always this weird sweating, leaking boobs, wrapping the baby next to me and pulling the cardigan around us, and a cardigan is an easy, to-go nursing cover.

The Hem-Hem Black Friday Maternity Deals

Okay, now that we got all personal, let me share the pregnancy purchases that we’ll…. shhh… just keep between us.

  • First, compression socks. Believe me, on #4, I wish I would have started these with #1. My veins in my legs look like an 80 year old body builder. I have no brand to recommend. They all suck. Truly medieval torture devices.
  • Metamucil. Pregnancy sucks. If you’re glowing, you’re drinking too much of this stuff. If you’re not glowing, figure out the least horrible way to get your servings in.
  • Finally, the Belly Bandit V-sling. If you find you have a lot of pressure “down there” especially when you are on your feet, sneak one of these into your cart and privately thank me.
Black Friday Maternity Deals: V-sling.

Those are my go-to Black Friday maternity deals. What did I miss? Leave any must haves in the comments (and links please!), so I can check them out too!

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